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Welcome to Financial Education Services: An opportunity to build your ideal business and a secure financial future.

Control Your Hours.
Control Your Income.
Create Endless Opportunity.


Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? What about right now?

What if you could have the benefits of a traditional business career, but without someone else controlling your income, hours, partners and overall job security? Maybe you’re comfortable in your job, but would like to increase your opportunities and income without trying to balance the multiple schedules created for you. Technology is continuing to advance and the business world is rapidly changing. You’re going to be working anyway- shouldn’t you enjoy it? Shouldn’t you control it? Welcome to Financial Education Services.

At FES, we’ve combined the flexibility of working for yourself with the stability and management of a business which has already been established and achieved success. You don’t need to invest a bunch of money, store inventory or learn the technology behind our advanced financial programs; you just need the motivation and work ethic to create a strong, dependable team and continue to develop yourself as a leader within your organization. Your opportunities are limitless. The harder you work the more you’ll gain.

You’ll also have security in knowing the innovative products and services you are distributing are of the utmost quality and yet are continuously improving. The demand for our services is growing each and everyday, fitting the needs of various people throughout your community, at all stages of life. Make a difference, change your life- know that the hard work you’re putting into today is building and benefiting your financial opportunities for the future.

Become A Credit Restoration 
Find Your Financial Success

As a Credit Restoration Agent, you will have the opportunity to earn supplemental income or move into a rewarding new career that combines the freedom of working for yourself with the security of being part of an established system of success. Becoming a Credit Restoration Agent places you on an experienced sales team with a large support system designed to help you achieve your financial goals.
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  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
Where Do You Want To Be Financially?

How far you progress is entirely up to you; there is nothing that can hold you back if you want to move all the way to the top tier of earners.  Establish your own sales team and take advantage of our companies'  generous compensation plan that includes bonuses, contests and promotions.  After your enrollment, a team member and the corporate Agent Support Team will be available to assist and guide you on your exciting new career path.

If you’re simply looking for an opportunity to increase your monthly earnings without leaving your current job,  becoming an Agent is a fantastic way to make more money without the pressure of more bosses or obligations.  Many agents continue to work at their jobs while earning hundreds to thousands of dollars in additional income every month with the ability to choose their own pace.  Become an agent to see how quickly the numbers can add up for you.  With the ability to earn income based upon each credit restoration sale. You will be netting an extra income weekly,.

There are a range of different options available for training that are geared towards your success.  Online courses are available for those working with a more prohibitive schedule, and local training sessions for those who would prefer to meet in-person for instruction.  Additionally, there are conference calls and seminars available throughout the training process as additional training opportunities.
With the large amount of resources available, and the flexibility of the program that allows you to work around your own obligations, your training process can be either as quick or as easy-paced as you want.  During this time, our company will prepare you for making your first sale by familiarizing you with the program and the process of Credit Repair, teaching you how to approach potential new clients, and helping you get the materials you need to get started including business cards and marketing tools.  

Contact us today and begin the process of achieving financial success!
Earnings Disclaimer: Any statements in our webinars, emails, and other communications should not be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings of any type what so ever. As with any business or venture, the results you get will vary based on your desire, effort, persistence, ability to follow our guidance, and an unknown number of variables which are beyond our control.
Become an Agent
Your opportunity begins immediately after enrollment! You will be issued a Username and Password during registration (please print this for your records). You can then log in to access your personal Business Office.

A New Agent Kit will be available right away in your personal business office, offering detailed product and compensation information, as well as tips for getting started.

Begin Your Training:
Our company provides several different training avenues for a successful start to your business. Join us on conference calls, watch detailed videos and check out our opportunity presentations. Contact us to find out more about live training events in your area.

Prepare yourself for your initial sales. Get to know your website, enrollment options and the correct way to approach prospective clients. Order your business cards and
marketing materials, which are available to you in your Business Office.

Our lucrative compensation plan allows you to earn money through direct sales of any of our financial services, bonuses for helping your new recruits, and financial overrides and leadership bonuses once you begin building your sales team.
Take advantage of contests and promotions, which not only allow the opportunity for great rewards, but will further enhance your business productivity and success within the organization.
You can make a minimum of $100 per client plus much more with advancement.

We’re Here to Help:
We can assist you in learning the business and making your first sale.
At the Corporate Office, we have an experienced Agent Support Team that can answer any questions or offer any explanation where details remain unclear. You can contact us during office hours to speak with a live representative or email us 24 hours a day.